My Story

My Story

y name is Erin Heath. I am a Fitness & Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer operating  a boutique mobile business in Brisbane’s inner northern suburbs. As a graduate of The Australian Institute of Fitness – Master Trainer and Course Champion, I am also a Studio Pilates® Certified Mat Instructor and an Accredited Rehab Trainer. I have completed the SmartShape Nutrition for Fat Loss Program, Wellness Coaching qualifications and I am a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist.

I am committed to making fitness and healthy eating habits simple, approachable, and even enjoyable for my clients. My personal belief is that the human body is designed to move and that wellness is a life long journey based on an understanding and respect for your body.

I understand the difficulties of juggling a busy lifestyle, family and career with personal wellness goals. Before committing to a career focused on Fitness and Wellbeing, I worked as senior executive in a large public company. As I climbed the professional ladder I found I had less and less time for my passion for exercise. Long hours, stress and travel took their toll on my health and my family life!

Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2011 changed the way I thought about personal health and wellbeing. I had not fully understood the importance of nurturing my mind, body and spirit. When I was diagnosed, I considered myself to be fit and based on traditional thinking, I was making good eating choices. The effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation left my body ravaged. I had no body fat, no muscle mass, no energy – even the simplest of tasks were now difficult!

Determined to not only survive, but to thrive, I researched extensively to understand the important role nutrition and exercise play in cancer recovery and prevention. I want to make it known that breast cancer survivors no longer have to accept the many physically debilitating side effects that have traditionally been endured following treatment. We do not have to accept chronic fatigue, limited range of motion, poor posture, back pain, lymphedema, poor muscle endurance and weight gain – I want to “Empower Cancer Survivors” to be fitter, stronger and find the vitality to live life in the way that they choose!

My decision to step off the Corporate Merry-Go-Round and pursue a career in Health & Fitness has been heavily influenced by my own journey. I am excited to be working with women from all walks of life, with many different stories, to help them achieve their health & fitness goals. This is my story.


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