Personal Training


Personal Training at Restore Fitness & Wellbeing

It is important to understand that Restore Fitness & Wellbeing does not offer a generic approach to your fitness journey. I will develop a Personal Training program to ensure you are maximising the effectiveness of your session incorporating Strength and Conditioning, Cardio and HIIT, with Pilates and Flexibility Programs, Nutritional Analysis and Realistic Goal Setting. I will develop an exercise & nutritional prescription that is right for you, your body and your goals!

Why is Personal Training at Restore Fitness & Wellbeing different?

The Health & Fitness Industry is becoming a very crowded space so why is Personal Training at Restore Fitness different? My Clayfield studio is a small and private space, airy and flooded with sunlight you will feel at home at Restore Fitness, the positive energy will set you up for a fantastic Personal Training session! Importantly I am much more than just a Personal Trainer, in addition to my Group Fitness & Personal Training qualifications I have undertaken additional studies in Rehab Therapy, Pilates, Wellness Coaching and Cancer Exercise Therapy, bringing together a unique skill set that ensures I can work effectively with all clients from the fit and functional to those with chronic health conditions or injuries.

Get the results you want with Personal Training:

  • As your Personal Trainer I will keep you motivated by helping you set your own goals and I can provide constructive feedback as you progress towards your health and fitness targets!
  • If you are new to working out or exercising on your own, I can help and improve your technical skills. Correct form helps to ensure you don’t injure yourself and that you are actually targeting the muscles you want to work. I will introduce you to new exercises that target your needs and work for your body!
  • With a Personal Trainer, you can be sure your program is designed to focus on your goals. In this way you are not wasting time with inefficient workouts – every workout counts!
  • If you are already training, but no longer seeing results, you are probably in a training plateau. Whilst training plateaus are inevitable I can review your current program and make changes to get you back into that training zone!
  • As your Personal Trainer I will become your personal confidant when it comes to your fitness, nutrition and general wellbeing. Using a proven Wellness Coaching Framework I will motivate you when you are losing focus, encourage you when you feel like giving up and celebrate your success as you move towards your goals!
  • Your Personal Training program will be truly personalised! I understand that every women is different, that your health and fitness goals and your capacity to achieve those goals are different from anyone else.

Whatever your fitness goals, I am committed to taking you through a thorough pre-training health consultation and preparing a unique and holistic health, exercise and wellness program just for you!

2 on 1 Training:

2 on 1 Training is almost as personal as 1 on 1 but at nearly half the cost. It is a great way to make personal training more affordable and more fun. You and your training partner could even train together in between sessions. It is much harder to cancel a walk or a jog when you have arranged to meet someone else! This is a great way to stay on track in between your 2 on 1 Training Sessions.

Don’t just take my word for it see what my clients have to say!

“At last. I am feeling like I am getting results. I am feeling stronger, more energetic and I have noticed that my capacity has increased. So thank you Erin, for listening and for helping me stay on track.

Lynelle D