Rehab Trainer

Rehab Trainer

re you interested in working with a trainer who understands and can assist with your rehabilitation goals? Do you want someone you can trust to appropriately risk assess injury, evaluate movement and patho-mechanics, apply hands on loosening techniques, activate and re-train inactive or unstable musculature?

Do you want to train with someone who can work alongside other Allied Health Professionals to integrate Rehab into your training to progress you towards optimal movement?

The term “Rehab” is meant to imply any activity by a professional in the allied health industry that reduces pain and dysfunction for their client – not simply what happens after an operation, or what happens in a treatment centre by a medically trained professional.

The Five Skills that set the Accredited Rehab Trainer apart from other Fitness Professionals are:


= Risk Assessment of the Injury or Pain


= Evaluation of Movement Patho-mechanics


= Hands-on Loosening Procedures.


= Activation Drills and Techniques


= Begin Training!

Critical Path Exercise Prescription is a highly underrated skill that entails creating the right “stepping stone” exercise that you can do without pain and use to retrain patho-mechanics. Gradually you will be progressed towards your ‘goal exercise’, be that running, or shoulder press, or squat, or whatever you want to be able to do!

So… ask yourself, shouldn’t you be working with a trainer who is competent in analysing poor technique, prescribing rehab drills and managing an injury as part of a “Rehab Team”?

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