I am a great walker and love being outside. Most days my little dog and I set out on our walk which goes from 1 hour to 1½ hours. As I hit the big 50 I have come to realise that just walking was not enough. I was losing muscle strength, I no longer felt powerful and I was actually starting to feel soreness in areas around my back and hips.

I have a long drive to work, then I sit all day, and then I have a long drive home. Not only is this a lot of sitting it also leaves me limited time for exercise. By the time I walk the dog, my free time is very limited.

So, I went in search of a Personal Trainer. I didn’t want someone who would not understand my age and where I was at. I have been to boot camps and all I have experienced is silly injuries that could have been avoided. I was not coming from a zero base, due to the walking, yet I felt I was. I did not want to set time expectations that I could not meet.

Erin has been fantastic as I believe she truly listened to where I was at. My program involves a range of cardio, strength & conditioning and stretch sessions. I have a set program but I mix it up to make it work for me. On the days I am tired from a long day at work and driving, I do some of the stretches. The strength & conditioning classes can be done anywhere so I find myself doing them first thing in the morning before I get ready for the day.

At last. I am feeling like I am getting results. I am feeling stronger, more energetic and I have noticed that my capacity has increased. I am still on what I call “operation fight back” but at least I am winning the battle and I feel like I have a program that works for me. The sessions have been great for my body and great for my general sense of wellbeing. I feel like I am back in control of me.

So thank you Erin, for listening and for helping me stay on track.

Lynelle D

I originally started training with Erin to help improve my posture and relieve back pain from my job which requires me to sit in front of a computer for several hours at a time. Since then, my back pain has almost gone away and my posture has really improved. I do my scapula activation drills whilst sitting at my desk and am much more aware of my posture whatever I am doing. Knowing how much better I feel after the sessions motivates me to keep going. The workouts also never get boring – Erin constantly introduces new exercises to keep me challenged. I highly recommend Restore to anyone looking to work with a qualified, professional trainer who will make you look forward to your training sessions.

Leesa S

I have always considered myself to be pretty fit & healthy and my active lifestyle meant I really haven’t had to worry about my weight – good genes I guess! You can imagine what a shock it was when I hit menopause and found my energy levels flagging, my weight starting to creep up and for the first time in my life, fat starting to accumulate around my waist! I knew something had to change and my daily walk was no longer enough to keep me at a healthy weight. I had belonged to gyms in the past but always found the weight areas a bit intimidating and the classes over crowded so I figured I should give Boot Camp a try – I was reasonably fit right?

Boot Camp would be fun – boy was I wrong! Whoever decided that Burpees and Mountain Climbers were a good idea for a 50 year old woman with lower back problems needed to have a serious re-think! Two weeks in and I was flat on my back with spasms that kept me out of action for weeks. My friend Jayne suggested I meet her Personal Trainer and try some one on one sessions designed specifically for me. I enjoyed the complimentary screening session and felt from the outset that Erin really understood my body and “heard” what I wanted to achieve. Initially we focused on stretching the over worked muscles in my body and “activating” the weak muscles that Erin described as having gone to sleep. We also did lots of core strengthening work to help support my lower back. This was such a different approach to anything I had encountered before. Erin even came along to one of my Physio appointments and worked directly with my physio to progress me from exercise rehab to normal training.

I now do 1 PT session a week and a boxing session with 3 of my friends – always good for a laugh and Erin keeps us on our toes! I have implemented the dietary changes she recommended and this combined with my walking has really started to help me feel strong and back in control. I love the combination of HIIT training and strength work Erin and I do together and enjoy the variety of a program that changes to meet my needs. I would recommend Erin and her business Restore Fitness & Wellbeing to anyone looking for a fresh approach to Personal Training.

Tanya R

Even though I have only been working with Erin at Restore Fitness for a few months I am so happy with the results I am seeing. I have put on muscle, rehabilitated my knee after surgery and am finally able to get back into running. I was with another training company before and never got results like these even though I was training 3 days a week. Now I feel like I'm working much smarter and am even more motivated! Erin knows how to push my body in a way that keeps it fun but tough-plus she makes sure that I understand the reason behind everything that we do. Her personal story is so inspiring, she makes me feel like anything is possible!

Meredith C