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Personal Training Services

You can be sure your Personal Training program is designed to focus on your goals. In this way you can make every workout count!  Importantly I am much more than just a Personal Trainer, in addition to my Group Fitness & Personal Training qualifications I have undertaken additional studies in Rehab Therapy, Pilates, Cancer Exercise Therapy and Wellness Coaching, bringing together a unique skill set that ensures I can work effectively with all clients from the fit and functional to those with chronic health conditions or injuries. Kick-Start your journey with a Wellness Coaching Session to help you make sustainable changes in your lifestyle.


Pilates will help you feel stronger and more energised, your body awareness will increase & your posture improve. The primary aim of Pilates is to promote stability in the “core” (Pelvic Floor and Transverse Abdominus). To achieve this the exercises are carried out with precision, maintaining a constant connection between mind and body. It is not surprising therefore that some of the first people to use the Pilates Method were rehab clients, dancers, and a wide range of athletes. The Pilates Method is not just exercise; it engages your body and mind as a whole and is fantastic for getting back into shape, recovering from injury or simply maintaining a healthy physique.

Small Group Training

Trends come and go in the fitness industry, but one recent trend that has staying power is Small Group Training. Small Group Training is a fun and cost effective way to get in shape, so gather some friends and start today!

Rehab Training

I can work with your Allied Health Professional to integrate Rehab into your training & progress you towards optimal movement. Critical Path Exercise Prescription is a highly underrated skill that entails creating the right “stepping stone” exercises that you can do without pain and use to retrain patho-mechanics. Integrating Pilates and Re-hab Training techniques I will gradually progress you towards your ‘goal exercise’, be that running, or shoulder press, or squat, or whatever you want to be able to do!

Cancer Exercise Therapy

As Breast Cancer survivors we face challenges regaining strength, energy, self-confidence & learning to “trust” our bodies again. With a special interest in Breast Cancer Recovery, I bring the learnings of my own Breast Cancer journey to the development of personalised exercise prescriptions to help you prevent and manage Lymphedema, assist in managing cancer treatment fatigue and pain and exercise therapy as a critical component of cancer recovery.

Wellness Coaching

As your Wellness Coach I will educate, encourage and guide you towards healthy behaviours. I will provide you with a proven framework to support you to take small steps in the areas of fitness, nutrition, weight management, health risk and stress management. Helping you to take personal responsibility for the daily decisions leading you towards you goals and you longer term vision.

Want to know more about Wellness Coaching? Contact me to book your complimentary consultation and begin the journey towards your optimal physical and mental state.

Restore Fitness & Wellbeing provides mobile services services to the Brisbane Inner Northern suburbs including: Ascot, Hamilton, Albion, Hendra, Wooloowin, Newfarm and Newstead.