Small Group Training


rends come and go in the fitness industry, but one recent trend that has staying power is small group training. Small group training provides a cost-effective way for you to experience the benefits of working with a Personal Trainer at a fraction of the price.

Small Group Training for Motivation!

Small Group Training, under the guidance of a qualified Personal Trainer, is beneficial for both the individual and the group. You will find that you receive constant encouragement and motivation from both your trainer and your friends. When friends start working out as a group often their stamina increases and the group encourages and pushes individual members to achieve their goals.

Small Group Training for Fun!

Whilst some people find that it’s much easier to stay motivated if they train with friends, others just enjoy the social side of small group training. Training with others can be non-intimidating, supportive and fun. You will laugh with each other as you push your body to the next level of fitness.

How’s your technique?

Perhaps you have experienced Boot Camps and other forms of group training in the past that haven’t met your needs. You may not have achieved your goals or you may even have injured yourself. This may have been because the exercises were not right for you or your body or your form may have needed attention. These challenges can be hard to overcome in large group exercise classes however in small group training, where the ratio of client to trainer is no more than 4:1, I will have the time to provide personal attention to each of you. The pre-exercise consultation & injury screening will allow me to tailor the session to meet the individual needs of all participants!

Whatever your reason, if you are looking for a program that is challenging and fun but still tailored to your specific needs, small group training is for you! So grab 3 of your friends and start small group training today.